1. For outgoing charge: Receiver of this E.I.R. Declares that it has inspected and received the cargo in good form, with the exception of the above comments.

2. For incoming cargo: Recipient of this E.I.R. accepts that at the time of transfer only a general and superficial inspection of the cargo takes place. In the event of repairs, a detailed repair specification will be made at a later date with the damage and wear found.

3. For incoming cargo: In case of conflicts between this E.I.R. and the recovery order as described in Article 2 of this document, the recovery order will always take precedence over the E.I.R. in determining damage and wear.

4. The carrier has an obligation to verify before the start of the transport that the load has been secured in accordance with the technical requirements specific to the vehicle and in accordance with the applicable legal requirements provisions.

5. Receiving this E.I.R explicitly means that the recipient agrees to the comments stated on this E.I.R. If the recipient of this document does not agree with the comments, he must immediately report this to checkpoint.

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